Do It Yourself HVAC – You May Want To Reconsider

The do it yourself community is, in my opinion, a good thing (I’m kind of that way myself), but sometimes, too much of a good thing or ill-advised activity under that guise isn’t always the best course of action. When it comes to the HVAC system in your home consider the following:

If you’ve decided to install a new programmable thermostat, you’re definitely on the right track toward saving some energy money. If you have a fairly straightforward furnace and no other HVAC equipment in the loop, it is likely a matter of connecting two wires correctly and off you go (particularly if you’re a little bit handy – maybe not in the Red Greene idiom!?). Be sure to make sure that the thermostat you purchase is compatible with your particular equipment though, as this isn’t always the case. If however, you have a heat pump or combination furnace/ air conditioner or perhaps a Hydronic system with a boiler, the do it yourself option may not be such a great idea. An improper installation can cause all sorts of potential problems and is best left to a professional.

If you regularly detect weird smells in your home, don’t just mask them with air fresheners from the grocery store. Poor ventilation usually causes consistent odours, and the solution may well be to install a better quality air filter, electronic air cleaner or fresh air ventilation equipment. Also make sure that the odours aren’t being caused by issues with your home’s plumbing, particularly drains, whereby odours can be coming back through the plumbing from the sewer system.

Have regular tune-ups and maintenance performed on all of your HVAC equipment. A routine maintenance check and tuning is not an expensive proposition and will ensure that everything is operating at peak efficiency, which in itself is a money saver.

Installing heating or cooling equipment that isn’t sized correctly, can produce a whole whack of unpleasant consequences! Whether too small or too large, HVAC equipment that is improperly sized is just plain bad news. This is where the professionals earn their money! Efficiency and effective operation is the name of the game and a correctly sized furnace, heat pump, boiler or what have you is the winning set up.

Finally, I don’t care what level you think your “do it yourself” abilities have evolved to, please don’t try to install your own HVAC! Notwithstanding the whole reason for having a permanent system the reason that professionals should perform all of the installation and set up of your equipment is to ensure an entirely safe, compliant and properly operating system.