Bleeding a Hydronic (hot water) heating system – Why?


Bleeding a hot water heating system might sound like a scenario from some medieval doctor’s office, but in fact is an important consideration if your home is heated via a boiler and a hot water system to which it is attached to. Here are some reasons as to why this matters a lot:

The first thing is to ensure that there is no overall system failure. If the system is not bled on a regular schedule (generally once a year) the ever increasing amount of air within the system will eventually cause the system to shut down or worse.

Another issue that too much air causes is all sorts of weird (and often loud) noises. Additionally, the unwanted air in the system can completely block the heated water from getting to all of the radiators (and returning) this can cause very uneven heat and in some cases none at all.

Bleeding will also ensure much more even distribution of the water throughout the system, guaranteeing more even heat all over the home.

Make certain that you employ a qualified boiler technician to take care of all your hot water heating system service and maintenance requirements.